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Evaluating Strengths and Limitations of Various Media


The two media sources I selected to briefly discuss are radio and print. I specifically chose these two because in our times, they seem to be less pervasive in our digital revolution, yet still possess advantages over the other media sources as well as disadvantages. First, radio will serve two primary advantages; appeal to older generations who still value and habitually listen t radio programs. These may be people who are near retirement or retired and likely to have discretionary income to spend on products and services. The second advantage is that radio serves as a great way to more easily identify and target markets through particular radio programs. For example, people tune into conservative political radio shows, liberal radio shows, etc. A disadvantage is that some may consider it a dieing media, which does not appeal to younger folks. In terms of legalities, there is certainly liability to conform to radio standards as lewd, abusive or other kinds of negative communications can become fines

Print also still possesses at least two primary advantages. The first being targeting consumers who prefer the in store experience. Second, it is still the simplest way to market anything by anybody. It is relatively inexpensive depending in the type. For example, consider billboards. Although these might be expensive, they can reach a large number of consumers repetitively on highways and major interstates. A disadvantage is that print does not have the digital appeal that creates that sense of excitement. Therefore, marketers may need to work harder in creating impactful ads that can capture attention and interest within the context of a limited capacity. Regarding legalities, they can be strict depending on the industry. For example, in the financial services industry, there is much strictness as to when and how investments can be printed for advertisements. In general, every publically available options advertisement must not be created with an intention to defraud. “Under the law, claims in advertisements must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair, and must be evidence-based. For some specialized products or services, additional rules may apply”, (Federal Trade Commission). 


 Weigold, M. F. & Arens, W. F. (2018). M: Advertising (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.


There are many types of media out there in the world for the world to use. Among these types of media, I have chosen to discuss print media and digital media.

“All print advertising has several unique elements in common. Compared to television or radio, print advertising has more permanence. Since it stays around for a while, it may be read more than once or passed along to other readers.” (Weigold 2018). Print advertisements are a very popular form of advertisements even in the world full of digital and television media. Print advertisements are classic they are the beginning and I believe that these advertisements are going to be an around forever. These types of advertisements are classic and the main pros to using these types of ads is the fact that they are printed somewhere forever. So even if the ad is not seen immediately then it will be somewhere being seen by somewhere.

Digital Media is everywhere. The world is changing and the world is completely almost digital so it would only make sense that the ads for a company or product be placed in the digital world. The great things about digital media is the fact that it will be everywhere you want it to be within a few minutes or seconds of posting the ad. The only bad part with this type of ad is the fact that once something like this is out in the world you can never truly take it back. If you make a mistake with the ad or say something wrong it will be like that forever. The internet and digital world is forever, no take backs given. “According to one study, 91 percent of the 18-and-over online population has broadband Internet access, making it the main connection type to the Internet.” (Weigold 2018). 



Weigold, M. F. & Arens, W. F. (2018). M: Advertising (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.


 I will discuss the pros and cons of how advertisements can be delivered with the platforms of radio and television.  First I will discuss the positives and negatives of a radio advertising campaign.  According to Weigold and Arens (2018) “Radio stations plan their programming carefully to reach specific audiences and to capture as many listeners as possible. Having more listeners is a positive attribute for a radio station because there is power in numbers, which equates to a higher value on their advertisement space.  Another positive of using the radio platform is that in using this venue you are able to specifically target certain groups.  For example, say you wish to target a republican audience then you could purchase advertisiing space on a show such as Rush Limbaugh.  The benefit of advertising in this space is also there is a certain amount of trust and consideration that is given to advertisements when people know and trust the host of a show.  There are also a variety of negatives to an advertising campaign on the radio.  The biggest being the advertisement has to be auditory, and the auditory portion can’t be backed up with some kind of visual presentation.  Another downfall is the radio platform is becoming a dying art, as many previous listeners are switching to other platforms.  Another downfall is the invention of satellite radio which allows the subscriber to switch between stations without the inconvenience of commercials.

            Television advertising campaigns have a variety of pros and cons similar to that of the radio platform.  Television advertisements can be extremely expensive for a short period of time.  Given such a short period of time the advertisement must be to the point and effective in gaining the attention of the listener.  This platform is great though in that you can target your audience with a visual and auditory presentation.  I feel advertisements can also be quite effective when they are catchy, and able to reach their target audience with selective timing.  A downfall of televised advertising campaigns is the invention of services such as Netflix that allow the customer to skip commercials entirely.  Another downfall is that television companies came up with the idea of allowing users to record shows, that then allows the user to skip through commercials as well.  There are a variety of downfalls to this advertising platform, but in my opinion it is the most effective.

            The federal trade commission has established rules for advertising using the radio and television platforms.  The have established a variety of strict laws for advertising, and it is their job then to police advertisements.  The first law is advertisements must be truthful to the best of the advertiser’s knowledge.  This means the advertisements can’t be deceptive, misleading, or a lie.  There are also a variety of laws regarding what is legal to advertise to children.  This was a great addition as children are susceptible to things such as cigarette commercials.  A variety of disclaimers are also required to be read or written, such as when advertisers no side effects of products.  Testimonials in radio and television advertisements are also required to be honest, and noted if the endorser is being paid.  These are the main laws and regulations regarding radio and television advertisements, but there are also many more nit-picky laws that must be acknowledged by advertising campaigns.

 Promotional Products


Promotional items are merchandise that are used to promote a company by including the company name, logo, or message. 

An example of a promotional item would be a shaker cup from Shakeology that is included when you purchase their shake or a challenge pack through Beachbody.  The cup includes the name down the side.  The company uses this cup as free advertising because people will see the cup and know what product you are drinking.  It can spark general interest and can spark questions from others on your thoughts about the product.  This leads to more business and sales.  The target audience is all adults, but mainly people who are into fitness, wanting to lose weight, wanting more energy, or wanting to become healthier.  The product itself has not influenced me to patronize the company.  It was simply a nice bonus. 

Another example would be Sonicare giving me a free toothbrush during Dental Hygiene School.  Every student got a free, top of the line toothbrush.  The company does this because they know Hygienist are asked by most patients what type of toothbrush to use and discuss oral hygiene care with each patient.  The company benefits by allowing future Hygienist to be able to recommend their product to their patients based on experience.  Some of their toothbrushes can be costly, but the Hygienist can explain to the patient the benefits of investing in the product through personal experience.  The target audience would be everyone because they make toothbrushes for children, teens, and adults.  The product did influence me to patronize the company.  I can explain how amazing the toothbrush is compared to competitors and manual toothbrushes.  Also, I can explain that is worth the investment due to advantages that other toothbrushes do not possess. 

*** I was not able to open the link included to summarize how the promotional products affect the brand image because it would say an error occurred***


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             https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781259900136/cfi/6/16!/4/374@0:40.6 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Promotional products

Promotional products are usually a companys logo or message. Decorative articles of merchandise  utilized in marketing communication.  Used to lure customers in by catchy ads and pictures, colorful and different.

Companies use promotional products at events to sell their products. Tools to improve peoples perception. Things to make you want to buy their product. The brand image is either made or broken by the way it is viewed by the public. You have to wheel them in with something that pops. 

Say I want to target crowds in their 20s in college I might advertise jeans I would use a young person wearing jeans . 

I have brought sneakers because the commercial was great. The brand convinced me to try the product and I  am a loyal customer I continue to support them because what they advertised was true.

Weingold M.F. & Arens W.F. (2018) M. Advertising (3rd ed) New York N.Y. Irwin/ McGraw-Hil


  •    The use of a promotional item has been used by companies for many years.  They can range from any item that can be given to a consumer to reflect a visit to an institution, business, event or even someone’s marriage.  A promotional item is an item such as a coffee mug, or ink pen, that is imprinted with a company’s name, logo,message or even a motto that communicates to the consumer something about that company.  The largest product category for promotional items is wearables, which include T-shirts, golf shirts, aprons, uniforms, jackets, caps, footwear, and the like, which make up nearly 30 percent of the total (Weigold, 2018).  The company that I currently work for has given out all of these except for footwear.  

         We have given out coffee mugs that displayed our 25th anniversary and company logo.  At the county fair we pass out water bottles with the company logo and name.  The community outreach department constantly gives away pens, water bottles, and even backpack to local schools and have been sponsoring a water art show for the past 10 years with winning art pieces being displayed on certain promotional items the following year.  This is a very good example of how the promotional item can be a very effective tool for improving the communities perception and recollection of my company.  

         In the past I have seen promotional items for sports teams, political candidates, utility companies and even new businesses that come into our communities.  This can be a very powerful tool with introductions and even allowing consumers to know about new products and services that are offered by a company.  As a sports fan I really do enjoy going to a ball game and receiving a bag or even a signed baseball for my favorite team the Washington Nationals, because it really helps to increase fan support and visibility in our community.  


     Weigold, M. F. & Arens, W. F. (2018). M: Advertising (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.

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                Promotional products are items given away by a company to encourage the use of their products, or simply gather an audience for targeting.  I went to a Seattle Mariners came last week, and received a free bobble head for my entry to the game.  The bobble head was a great way for the team to honor a retiring teammate, and also to attempt to sell out of tickets for the game.  Another example of a promotional item I have received in the past is a California State Fair horse racing t-shirt for attending the races on their first day of the year.  I enjoyed receiving a t-shirt, and it made for a great work shirt.

                Companies use promotional products for a variety of reasons.  The main one being to encourage people to do things they normally wouldn’t do.  Or such as the baseball game offering a bobble head is the needed extra effort to ensure a ticket sale to someone who was on the edge of not going.  Promotional products also make for great advertising at a relatively inexpensive cost.  The horse racing t-shirt for example I have worn countless times, and advertised for the event at a cost to the company of several dollars.  Advertising is normally an expensive endeavor, and this avenue of advertising is a great inexpensive way to reach potential customers.

                I was unable to get the external site to load, but I am still able to summarize how promotional product affect brand image.  The bobble head example is a great way for the Mariners to improve their brand image.  The Mariners brand image is improved because this gift shows they value their players and customers.  Other companies who give items away as promotions also are able to receive the positive brand image associated with giving another a gift.  For example, when looking for car insurance you have many options, but you remember a certain company for giving you an umbrella in the past.  There can also be negative effects on brand image if a bad item was chosen. 

                The target audience for promotional products can be selective or simply thrown out to anyone.  Both strategies can be effective if utilized correctly.  Bobble heads for example are targeted for Seattle Mariners fans who are attending a particular game.  While pens or inexpensive items are giving out more freely.  Inexpensive items can be effective though at being could advertisement pieces.  I personally feel t-shirts are the best promotional items as they turn the recipient into a walking billboard.  The target audience of promotional items can range from previous customers to someone who has never even heard of the product.

                Promotional products have influenced me to be a patron of the company offering the gift.  The Seattle Mariners game for example I wouldn’t have attended if they wouldn’t have been offering the free gift.  Also, the state fair horse races giving away t-shirts encouraged me to attend the following year on the first day to obtain a t-shirt.  The t-shirt give away on the first day of the horse races is a great idea as the first day is usually mule races, and low in attendance.  Also, companies giving an inexpensive item with their name and contact information is a great way to potentially obtain future business.  Being given an umbrella in my case was a good incentive to then call an auto insurance company to obtain a quote.

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