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ASHWORTH BM410.1.1 Online Exam 7_06 (Score 100%)

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QuestionQuestion 1 of 40One great challenge for managers of sales teams is:A. dealing with more than one salesperson at a time.B. transitioning from a sales role to a managerial role.C. determining how to compensate the different members of the team equitably.D. finding time to sell to the manager’s own accounts.Question 2 of 40Herzberg’s Two-Factor Approach theorizes that two types of rewards need to be present for a salesperson to be motivated. These two types are:A. concept and process.B. formal and informal.C. motivation and hygiene.D. emotional and logistical.Question 3 of 40A supervisor’s goal is:A. to observe salespeople and help them improve the way they do their jobs.B. to observe salespeople and penalize them for mistakes they make on the job.C. to observe the sales department and make suggestions to upper management for ways processes should be changed to be more efficient.D. to lead the sales department by determining what sales strategy should be for the different types of accounts.Question 4 of 40Managers who understand McClelland’s Needs Approach will give their salespeople rewards that combine which of the following aspects?A. Aachievement, recognition, and moneyB. Aachievement, affiliation, and powerC. Mmoney, recognition, and powerD. Kknowledge, skills, and attitudesQuestion 5 of 40Legitimate power differs from reward power in that:A. legitimate power flows from character and personality, while reward power is given by someone higher up in the organization.B. legitimate power can never be rescinded, while reward power is temporary.C. legitimate power is solely from the position in the hierarchy, while reward power is the power to give praise and rewards.D. legitimate power is the power to promote another person to a higher position in the organization, while reward power is the power to compensate another person with financial or material rewards.Question 6 of 40From a salesperson’s perspective, the characteristics of a good manager:A. include friendship and loyalty.B. conflict with the characteristics managers list as being traits of a good manager.C. vary from manager to manager.D. include flexibility and a team orientation.Question 7 of 40Workers from the Mature generation are motivated by:A. flexible time.B. collaborative work experiences.C. informal communication.D. respect, experience, and formality.Question 8 of 40The approaches of Maslow, McClelland, and Herzberg are all examples of:A. development programs.B. reward systems.C. compensation plans.D. content-based motivational theories.Question 9 of 40The hallmark of coaching in a professional setting is:A. having the coach be between two and four levels above the person being coached in the company hierarchy.B. daily email check-ins.C. one-on-one personal interaction on a weekly basis.D. a formal, structured relationship between coach and salesperson.Question 10 of 40Leaders who want to develop others as they develop themselves need to have:A. training in coaching methods.B. training in ethics and game theory.C. good moral character and concern for others.D. well-developed reputations that will give them credibility with those they mentor.Question 11 of 40Goals can serve as benchmarks for salespeople to know how they are doing. Since compensation is tied to performance, the effect of seeing how much they’ve done and how much they have left to do:A. discourages them from even trying to meet their goals.B. encourages them to set goals they will probably not be able to meet.C. forces them to revise their goals downward so they can hit them.D. motivates them to do their work to earn more.Question 12 of 40The largest group coming up into the workforce is the Millennial generation. This generation of workers is motivated by:A. formality and respect.B. family time.C. flexibility and meaningful work experiences.D. promotions.Question 13 of 40Many of the behaviors that are typical of good managers:A. involve community-building so employees can relax and enjoy their jobs.B. involve setting definite boundaries so employees know what to expect and what is expected of them.C. require learning new patterns that will take practice.D. require employees to accept that the manager has ultimate power over their job functions.Question 14 of 40Time spent with employees to help them with the day-to-day responsibilities of their jobs is:A. management.B. supervision.C. shadowing.D. leadership.Question 15 of 40Motivational programs such as sales contests need to be designed with the understanding that:A. everyone wants to be the best compared to others in their organization.B. concepts of reward and accomplishment varies across cultures and countries.C. employees should not be singled out for praise away from their groups.D. sales teams will not be able to participate in the contests.Question 16 of 40By definition, a team must:A. interact using the same verbal and written styles.B. work together for a common goal.C. have job functions that do not overlap.D. be located in the same office.Question 17 of 40Different goals for different products or markets help salespeople to:A. prioritize between selling and providing customer service.B. create a mix of products that customers want and that customers don’t want.C. send their less profitable customers to salespeople junior to them.D. focus on the most profitable products or customers they service.Question 18 of 40In order to ensure that salespeople do activities that do not directly contribute to either input or output goals, such as calling customers to provide service, managers should:A. turn those activities into input behaviors.B. turn those activities into output behaviors.C. give bonuses for the salespeople with the higher number of those activities each month.D. codify these activities as part of the goal system salespeople are measured on.Question 19 of 40Making calls, giving sales presentations, and following up with potential buyers are all examples of:A. pipeline points.B. revenue streams.C. input-based goal behaviors.D. output-based goal behaviors.Question 20 of 40Output-based goals consist of:A. the number of products a company manufactures.B. the selling results a salesperson is expected to achieve.C. the sales forecasts for each specific account.D. the activities a salesperson performs to contact customers.Part 2 of 2 – 35.0/ 50.0 PointsQuestion 21 of 40Customer knowledge competence is important for companies because inadequate knowledge of customers and what they want can result in:A. greater sales of products.B. overestimates or underestimates of sales, which can cost the company money and opportunity.C. competitive advantage in certain product categories.D. poor analysis of past sales trends.Question 22 of 40The second step in the CDI process, which makes the data useful to others, involves:A. gathering the data initially.B. analyzing the data with software.C. creating forecasts.D. cleaning and formatting data to company naming and categorizing standards.Question 23 of 40Trend analysis predicts future sales by:A. looking at how well the competitors are doing.B. multiplying past performance by a factor of 1.06.C. averaging the performance over the past few periods and using that to predict the next period’s sales.D. examining past sales trends and extrapolating that information into the future.Question 24 of 40Why is it important for manufacturing departments to have accurate customer-knowledge data?A. Accurate customer-knowledge data gives them ways to set accurate sales goals.B. Accurate customer-knowledge data helps them develop better productsC. Accurate customer-knowledge data tells them how much to manufacture.D. Accurate customer-knowledge data allows them to extend the proper amount of credit to customers.Question 25 of 40The industry-wide sales expected for a certain product for a certain time period is are called:A. total revenue.B. market potential.C. market push.D. net receipts.Question 26 of 40When a marketing department has access to customer data about current products and services, it enables the department to:A. understand the relationship between the marketing and sales departments.B. create campaigns that tap into the preferences and desires of customers.C. recommend product improvements to the product development department.D. continue the current campaigns they are conducting.Question 27 of 40A sales force composite forecast may be extremely accurate:A. in the short term and the long term.B. in the short term, but not the long term.C. in the long term, but not the short term.D. only if it is made by sales managers, not salespeople.Question 28 of 40A company that wants to boost company stock prices or prevent stock prices from falling can engage in which unethical activity?A. Insider tradingB. BriberyC. Making false sales forecastsD. RacketeeringQuestion 29 of 40Many consumers will buy more of a product if its price goes down, and less of a product if its price goes up. This is referred to as:A. macroeconomics.B. elasticity.C. inelasticity.D. reward theory.Question 30 of 40Measures that predict how much customers and businesses will spend help forecast sales by:A. forecasting how much total will be spent in different categories, so companies can calculate what percentage of that spending they can capture.B. giving a historical picture of how much those customers and businesses have spent with the company.C. providing points of comparison between business and retail customers that allow companies to predict sales from one based on sales from the other.D. basing predictions on figures that move as soon as market forces move.Question 31 of 40The sales forecast is a portion of the sales potential which is:A. larger than the market potential for an industry.B. larger than the market potential for a product category.C. a portion of the market potential for a product category.D. a portion of the market potential for an industry.Question 32 of 40A variable that predicts what will happen with the sales of another product is referred to as that product’s:A. dependent.B. predecessor.C. leading indicator.D. moving average.Question 33 of 40Trend analysis looks at the way a company’s products have sold, while correlational analysis looks at:A. the way a company’s products will sell in the future.B. the average of the sales trends over the previous few sales periods.C. the effects of exponential smoothing.D. the trends of variables that are related to the product.Question 34 of 40In cases in which rapid change occurs in a market or with a company, sales forecasts will be more accurate if they are based on:A. customer spending correlates.B. both executive and expert opinion.C. as many methods as possible.D. the industry as a whole, not just the sector the company is part of.Question 35 of 40Some best practices for making sales forecasts are to use as many different calculation methods as possible, and:A. calculate the forecasts as quickly as possible.B. run them through at least three different regression analysis calculations.C. come up with one central model and prepare for that.D. use as much information from segments of your market as possible.Question 36 of 40While market tests can give companies valuable information about the way the market will react to a product, a huge downside of market testing is that:A. there are outside firms that can help companies run their market testing programs.B. competitors will see the product before it is officially released and can take action to compete with it.C. it shows how real people will react to your product.D. it gives developers a chance to correct problems with the product before it is released officially.Question 37 of 40Customer data integration (CDI) refers to:A. a group within the research department that specializes in gathering and analyzing data.B. a software system that gathers and analyzes customer data.C. a set of rules for the process of gathering data on customers and making it useful and available.D. the process of creating sales forecasts.Question 38 of 40A moving average is similar to trend analysis, but with the difference that:A. a trend analysis is a more complicated calculation than a moving average.B. a trend analysis tells what will happen while a moving average tells what has happened.C. a moving average tells what will happen while a trend analysis tells what has happened.D. a moving average looks at the average of the rate of change for the previous few periods, while a trend analysis looks at the straight numbers for each period.Question 39 of 40What can a company do when the data they haveit has about customers is in a format that is not accessible to all the people who need to have access to it?A. A company can give the data to a third-party vendor who will analyze it.B. A company can reformat the data and print hard copies of it to distribute to those who need it.C. A company can designate one person from each department as the CDI liaison, and give that person access to the CDI information for the department.D. A company can create a data mart especially for their customer data to give access to those who need it.Question 40 of 40″Chinese Marketing” refers to the practice of:A. selling products to a consumer base that is uninterested in the products.B. international marketing efforts that show insensitivity to the people and culture of the country.C. manipulating sales figures to reflect the potential sales in a region or territory instead of the actual sales in a region or territory.D. thinking mistakenly that the number of individuals in a market is the same as the number of possible total sales in a market.

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